"Nini is really awesome. When I placed my condo on the market I was a bit worried that it would take months for it to sell. Two next door condominiums had been for sale for months-- one took almost a year to sell and the other was placed on the market 4-5 months before I placed mine. Nini’s superb eye for staging and knowledge of the market allowed me to sell my condo in less than 30 days after it was listed. I had three offers within the first two days of listing and sold it for not $1 less of what I have asked for! I highly recommend Nini to anyone interested in getting their property worth”.
                                                                            -Luis F. 


”Nini Torres was an extremely thorough, candid, and effective realtor and stager who helped secure an outstanding outcome in the sale of my home. Navigating the Florida market is complex; however, Nini's advice helped me make informed decisions to maximize the value of my home. I was able to sell my home swiftly and I received the exact listing price I wanted.  I would certainly seek her services again!”

                                                                            -Juan A. 


"My experience working with Ms. Torres can only be characterized as professional, enlightening, fascinating and exciting. Ms. Torres knew exactly how to guide me through the process. She sensed some anxiety in me and quickly relieved that by showing me other places she had decorated/staged and then explained, in great detail, how we would proceed. She made me an integral member of our decorating team from the outset! There are several aspects of Ms. Torres' methodology and personality I would like highlight in this testimonial. The first was her skill in assessing and analyzing my desires/colors and overall intent - I cannot emphasize this enough. At no time did I ever feel she was driving certain color and/or furniture/accessory combinations contrary to mine. I felt very confident after the first meeting; that feeling remained present throughout the process. The second aspect was her attention to detail in suggesting certain pieces of furniture, accessories - all designed to create a flow through the condo and take advantage of the color scheme she had envisioned. The third aspect was her never-ending reassessment of my overall intent - whether I was happy with the process and her overall vision. This was extremely valuable for me. Each time she perceived I was not quite sure about a suggested piece of furniture/accessory, she would guide me through her process - looking at photos, measuring wall/floor space, etc. Her ability to see that I needed this was not only comforting, but also amazing. From the beginning to the end, watching her totally transform my condo into what it became was truly amazing! Although I could not envision the finished product, her vision never changed - it was crystal clear. Like an artist looking at a blank canvas, Ms. Torres created my masterpiece. This is a simple testimonial about the work of a true, gifted artist. I do not believe people can be taught certain things in schools/courses or even by experience. I believe that Ms. Torres has special gifts, talents and abilities that enable her to do what she does. It is not simply about selecting furniture, accessories, paint and adding carpentry adjustments; it is about her ability to look at a home/condo and envision what it will become. I could have never done this on my own; the amount of time she spent doing research, visiting stores, choosing paint samples, etc. saved me countless hours and anxiety. I am more than totally satisfied with her professionalism, talent and skill in guiding me through the process. I will not hesitate to call upon her again as my dedicated stager/decorator." 

                                                                          -James P.