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Nini Torres was born in Caracas, Venezuela. Starting from a young age, Nini displayed her talent and passion for home staging. She recalls her childhood room was always stylish, organized, and coordinated with various color schemes that fit perfectly together in a harmonious balance. As Nini grew up, she was often approached by friends and family seeking interior design ideas and event staging help. She realized this passion was a great way to help many people and lending a helping hand quickly became a core value in her life. Nini decided to go to college for pharmacy while still performing home staging as a hobby for her friends and family. After becoming a Pharmacist and living in Venezuela for a few years, Nini felt unsatisfied and wanted to make home staging into a career. She decided to move to the United States and have her new career with her home design passion at the forefront. She was born with the creative eye and wanted to truly master her design skills with more education. Once in Wisconsin, Nini decided to go to school for staging and even took an extensive program to gain the title of Master Stager. The more education she put in, the more she could help individuals with her wiser knowledge. Today, after decades of experience, Nini is fully confident in her ability but is also more humble than ever. She is an artist that naturally has the creative talent inside of her and sincerely believes in and loves what she creates. She can't wait to help you with your home today!

Close Attention to Detail


Each home has a different story and unique personality.  Nini Torres utilizes and displays the special characteristics that make a home outstanding. By paying attention to the individual features of a home, Nini can maximize the potential of a client's home. 



Nini Torres's mission in life is to help others who are in need. She loves helping her client's and guiding them through the process of staging their homes. On top of that, she wanted to dig deeper to help more individuals and sought out an organization, Silent Angels. Silent Angels is a an organization who provides aid to individuals who are making a determined effort yet are financially in need or distressed. For every referral, a portion of the business will be anonymously donated to Silent Angels.

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